Access Invoice Program From Ipad or Android

How to access your Instant Invoice or Ezy Invoice program from your Ipad, Android tablet or Laptop when your away from the office using Remote Desktop

You have you Instant Invoice n Cashbook or Ezy Invoice all set up and running nicely at your office PC. You’d also like to access it on your Ipad,  Android tablet device or small net book when you go back home or when you are travelling abroad on a business trip. Or perhaps you just want to create new invoices and email it to your customers from your Ipad while your working on-site at your clients premises.

The best way to organize this is to setup your Office PC for Remote Access or Remote Desktop. This means that Instant Invoice or Ezy Invoice will run on this PC and you will simply connect to it from your Ipad, Android device or laptop when your at home or travelling. Your office PC where Instant Invoice or Ezy Invoice will be running is known as a “Remote Host”. The Ipad, Android tablet or laptop that you use to connect to the “Remote Host” is known as your “Client Device”.

In the past, it used to be quite technical to set this up as if often involved router and firewall configuration. However now, there are several 3rd party solutions that make it really simple to setup. Particularly, there are two 3rd party solutions that we have tried that are really good and make it very simple to setup for the layman. They work really well if you have a good broadband Internet connection to your Remote Host PC. They are  :

1. Log Me In

2. TeamViewer

For simplicity we will show you one solution (LogMein) but you are free to try the other if you want. TeamViewer also has Apps for Ipads and Android Devices and also had very good performance.

Setting Up Your Remote Host Computer

  • Decide which computer (office or home) you want to setup as your Remote Host. It should be the one that you usually work on and that can be left on all the time.
  • First install Instant Invoice n Cashbook or Ezy Invoice on the computer that designated as your Remote Host.
  • Download and install the software component for the Remote Host from LogMeIn here :
  • At the time of writing, this is a free version. Note click the [Try It Free] button. You will be asked to create an account and start the download.

Connecting To Your Remote Host From Another PC or Laptop

  • Start your browser, go to the logmein home page :
  • Then login to your account. You should see your Remote Host, simply double click it and you can then access your computer and Instant Invoice or Ezy Invoice on that computer.

Connecting To Your Remote Host From Your Ipad

  • On your Ipad, go to the Apple Store and download and install the Logein App (free) or Ignition App (Paid Version). This app will allow you to connect to your Remote Host PC and run Instant Invoice or Ezy Invoice.

Connecting To Your Remote Host From Your Android Device

  • On your Android device, go the Android Market or “Play Store” and download and install the Igntion App by Logmein. This app will allow you to connect to  your Remote Host PC and run Instant Invoice or Ezy Invoice


  •  The performance you’ll get is largely dependant on your Internet upload speed. We tested on a fairly slow ADSL connection of about 3.5Mbps download and 0.7Mbps upload and were able to get fairly good performance. You can test your Internet speed at
  • Because your Remote Host PC has to be left on all the time, to prevent overheating, you should ensure that it is in a well ventilated area and ventilation ports are not blocked.

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